I always told myself “Self, when you get a blog you won’t be like all these other people. You’ll remember to update when you should.” I lied to me. I definitely don’t update as often as I should. Be sated with a picture of my cat.

I actually have some shocking pictures from spring break and some other stuff to talk about, but right now it’s quarter to 2 in the morning and I should be asleep already. Mostly though, I’m still alive. Alive and kicking. But only if you’re mean to me.

And here’s a little oddity that is bothering me. If you don’t start an entry in WP with a <p> it will insert one for you, regardless of whether you actually need one. What I want to see is a checkbox for “I write my own damn XHTML, don’t do it for me.” Maybe a plugin, or maybe in a future version. Overall though, it’s a good package.

Content really is

If you happen to have checked out the “creation” section before and were disappointed, try again. Granted, it’s not much, but there is now something there. I’ll get around to adding more stuff there, I promise. It may even happen this week! Who knows? I may have some sort of free time on my hands. On second thought, you may not want to hold your breath on this one, it may be a while. I’m not gonna lie to you.

Version Skipping Maddness!

There’s been quite a bit of chatter going on about the WordPress nightlies changing version numbers from 1.3 to 1.5. Personally, I think the answer is obvious. When writing software, you listen to music. If you’re on windows, you use Winamp for this. Someone on the WP team decided they liked Winamp’s 2,3,5 numbering, and “borrowed” it.

Some people are suggesting a Fibbonaci sequence. Unfortunately, that would require two version 1.1s, which would just be silly now wouldn’t it?

I’m running a 1.5 nightly and I love it more than I love my own children. Then again, I don’t have children.

live (with a long i)

I have a mostly-built website, and now that I have a domain name and some hosting, I’ve decided I want to structure it completely differently. We’ll see how it goes. In the meanwhile, here’s a semi-finished though mostly functional version with some stylistic disparity. I like that word, disparity. It’s a nice word.