Pardon My Dust

I have just landed at my new web host (thanks again Uncle Bill!) and I’m proceeding to situate everything else. Until I get things behind the scenes working properly, I’m just going to leave the default theme. Back in a couple days!

Lots of things!

I’m a bad bad boy. I’ve not written a thing since the beginning of December. Actually, that’s not true. During the week I spent in the Dominican Republic I wrote almost every night. I just haven’t posted it yet.

I acquired an ipod over break, and have subsequently become addicted to podcasts. They’re nice for passing the massive gaps in my schedule. I have replaced those awful white earbuds though. They don’t stay in, I don’t particularly like the look of them, and I don’t feel like looking like an ad for Apple. I have replaced them with a pair that stays in, have a black cord so as not to look like a silhouette advertisement, but are still reasonably ugly. Two out of three ain’t bad.

I’m moving to a different host. They offer a better product for the same price. I’m hoping the transition will be pretty seamless, but we will see. In any case, that’s why I’ve been reluctant to post new content.

Old and Unchanged

It seems that everything is so “Web 2.0″ these days, with all their AJAX thingamabobs that update your information five seconds before you enter it, and custom switching stylesheets based on the weather in Brisbane. I didn’t even have any shiny or glassy starburst graphics… until now!

Unfortunately, my content just isn’t very Web 2.0, nor is the site in general. That’s why I was forced to create my very own starbursts that didn’t have any new-fangled technological references.

Old and UnchangedGlassy Seal of Approval

They were created using PS CS2, and a couple of Web 2.0 button Photoshop tutorials.

As an aside, I do believe this is the most categories any one post has ever belonged to.


One of the advantages of buying hosting is that you can host as many websites as you like. I had this idea, I want to start posting the little doodles and things I do in class on a blog. To that end, I introduce Scribbles. These are not high art by any definition of the word. They are simply scribbles in between my notes.

I used a Palm for a while. It was portable, and it made keeping track of ideas a lot easier. Unfortunately, I never quite mastered the input, and eventually it died. After that I started carrying little thread-bound composition notebooks in my pocket. It was amazing! Call me a Luddite, but there is just something so natural about putting pen to paper. Things go exactly where I want them to, I don’t have to do any strange jiggery-pokery to get somewhere to write, and I can draw diagrams and pictures right smack-dab in the middle of writing.

I have purchased a moleskine, but I haven’t brought myself to write in it yet. It’s just too pretty. I may have to soon, though. The notebook I’m working on now is showing its age, and I’m running out of pages to boot.

CSS Naked Day

As a challenge to web-geek types, Dustin Diaz has proposed the challenge to turn off CSS for a day. CSS is what gives many websites their colors and layouts. Once that is gone users can see the page the same way a blind person’s screen reader software does, which is incidentally the same way Google, Yahoo!, MSN (and many other services) see it. The theory is that you should be able to use a site just as well whether it’s visually styled or not.



I installed Gallery last night, which means it will be much simpler to post photos here, and save me a lot of hassle compared to using flickr. That means once I figure out how I want to style things, I’ll be posting more pictures, and more in general.

New Appearance

I got really bored with my previous layout, and thusly I’m trying some new things on for size. Basically everything’s gonna look really ugly until I figure out what I want, and then it’ll probably be worse. I’ve given up the idea of making my own design. I’m way too lazy for that. I’m just tweaking the hell out of someone else’s work. I don’t have to feel bad about it though. They zipped it all up nice for me to use.

I’ve just realized that I’m doing quite a bit towards preserving my previous visual style. You’ll just have to take my word for the fact that stuff is changing in the backend. In light of such, you should poke around. Leave a comment here if you find anything broken.

New Thingy

I was curious, so I went ahead and looked up how to cook up a sideblog in WP. The task didn’t prove too terribly difficult once I stopped looking for people who’ve done it and just did it. I managed it in hours so late in the morning that they can no longer be called wee, so it couldn’t be that hard. It’ll probably change here one of these days, but I gotta feel it out a bit.

Now all these little link posts with no new content can live over in the sidebar. It may turn into a pure linklog, with no actual commentary at all. We’ll see how I feel. I like the idea of taking empty posts out of the regular flow though.

I’ve also installed a plugin that I wrote myself, modified from someone else’s XML parsing function. That’s the WhatPulse thing living in the sidebar. I’ll make it available once I clean it up, and the WhatPulse admin said he’d put it on their downloads page too. That’d be neat.