I installed Gallery last night, which means it will be much simpler to post photos here, and save me a lot of hassle compared to using flickr. That means once I figure out how I want to style things, I’ll be posting more pictures, and more in general.

New Appearance

I got really bored with my previous layout, and thusly I’m trying some new things on for size. Basically everything’s gonna look really ugly until I figure out what I want, and then it’ll probably be worse. I’ve given up the idea of making my own design. I’m way too lazy for that. I’m just tweaking the hell out of someone else’s work. I don’t have to feel bad about it though. They zipped it all up nice for me to use.

I’ve just realized that I’m doing quite a bit towards preserving my previous visual style. You’ll just have to take my word for the fact that stuff is changing in the backend. In light of such, you should poke around. Leave a comment here if you find anything broken.

New Thingy

I was curious, so I went ahead and looked up how to cook up a sideblog in WP. The task didn’t prove too terribly difficult once I stopped looking for people who’ve done it and just did it. I managed it in hours so late in the morning that they can no longer be called wee, so it couldn’t be that hard. It’ll probably change here one of these days, but I gotta feel it out a bit.

Now all these little link posts with no new content can live over in the sidebar. It may turn into a pure linklog, with no actual commentary at all. We’ll see how I feel. I like the idea of taking empty posts out of the regular flow though.

I’ve also installed a plugin that I wrote myself, modified from someone else’s XML parsing function. That’s the WhatPulse thing living in the sidebar. I’ll make it available once I clean it up, and the WhatPulse admin said he’d put it on their downloads page too. That’d be neat.

Pre-valentines madness post-valentines update!

As the weekend approaches, it comes time to write about last weekend’s adventures in romance. Before you leave in disgust though, a big part of it is just marvelling at the city, and all the things you lose track of in all the rush.

On Friday night, after much undue trouble with transportation, I arrived in the city, promptly to be whisked off to the financial district with no explaination whatsoever. Steve was entirely bubbly, but he wouldn’t tell me anything. We ended up taking the PATH to Hoboken, for pizza. This wasn’t just pizza, though. This was a foot of the most perfectly baked pizza ever. If you’re ever in Hoboken and get the chance, pick up a slice from Benny Tudino’s. After pizza we stopped at Panera. It was pretty good, but would’ve been better fresh. I suppose that’s what you get for going just before closing. Next we went out on the pier and talked and looked at the Manhattan skyline. I spend so much time there, but I really don’t get to appreciate how pretty it is from a distance.


On Saturday we went to Central Park to see The Gates. It was opening day, so the place was packed. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Central Park so full before. It’s not as though the place is ever empty, but this was simply ridiculous. I will say that it was absolutely beautiful. I took the opportunity to take obscene amounts of photos, but only a few got posted.

Sunday was the not-too-much day. We did a lot of napping and cuddling. It gave me happies. This was like our valentines day. [insert long mushy section here about how great Steve is.]

I updated the pictures section with the pictures I took. Mom just arrived. Time to get started on the next Weekend Report.

Content really is

If you happen to have checked out the “creation” section before and were disappointed, try again. Granted, it’s not much, but there is now something there. I’ll get around to adding more stuff there, I promise. It may even happen this week! Who knows? I may have some sort of free time on my hands. On second thought, you may not want to hold your breath on this one, it may be a while. I’m not gonna lie to you.