A lot of things have happened since my last post.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with my BSc in Animal and Poultry Sciences. They gave me this neat little (ok, it’s pretty large) piece of paper with fancy letters and a bunch of unnecessary words. I guess I’m pretty excited about that. I should scan it and put a copy online or something, but I don’t have a scanner that large handy.

What with being graduated, I couldn’t keep working at the college. My job was funded by federal work study money, and they don’t give that to graduates. I am currently in the employ of a major retail chain (no, I won’t tell you which one) until I can find something that is at least remotely related to my training. Ideally I’d get a vet tech job and they would help me get more training or maybe get into vet school. For now I’m just worried about paying bills.

There is someone new in my life. I’m not going to say much about that right now. We’ll see where things go before I say too much more. Yes, he’s cute (or at least I think so). No, I’m not going to answer any other questions right now. Perhaps I’ll take the example of a fellow blogger (Hi Scott!) and refer to him here by a nickname.

My cancer is still in remission. There’s not much to say there, I guess. No news is good news. I’ll see my oncologist again in January, unless something else comes up before then.

I’ve moved into my new apartment, where I’ll be living for the next year at least. I’ve moved in with friends of mine, a couple, one of whom cooks and insists that I at least provide notice if I will not be home for dinner. This situation is quite acceptable to me, as it results in my diet being much healthier and less expensive than it might otherwise be.

For now, life is smooth sailing. One day I’ll want more than this, but for now I am content.

Sosua, in a nutshell


For a week in the middle of December, Steven and I were on vacation in the Dominican Republic in a town called Sosua. We stayed at the Tropix Hotel and dove with Northern Coast Diving. We didn’t really have internet access, so posting regular updates really wasn’t an option. I wrote at the end of the day as if I would be posting that day. Then I got home, visited a lot of people, slept, and eventually forgot that I had written this. Each day is on it’s own page, so read on. You should also take a peek at the pictures.

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Pardon My Dust

I have just landed at my new web host (thanks again Uncle Bill!) and I’m proceeding to situate everything else. Until I get things behind the scenes working properly, I’m just going to leave the default theme. Back in a couple days!

Lots of things!

I’m a bad bad boy. I’ve not written a thing since the beginning of December. Actually, that’s not true. During the week I spent in the Dominican Republic I wrote almost every night. I just haven’t posted it yet.

I acquired an ipod over break, and have subsequently become addicted to podcasts. They’re nice for passing the massive gaps in my schedule. I have replaced those awful white earbuds though. They don’t stay in, I don’t particularly like the look of them, and I don’t feel like looking like an ad for Apple. I have replaced them with a pair that stays in, have a black cord so as not to look like a silhouette advertisement, but are still reasonably ugly. Two out of three ain’t bad.

I’m moving to a different host. They offer a better product for the same price. I’m hoping the transition will be pretty seamless, but we will see. In any case, that’s why I’ve been reluctant to post new content.

Old and Unchanged

It seems that everything is so “Web 2.0″ these days, with all their AJAX thingamabobs that update your information five seconds before you enter it, and custom switching stylesheets based on the weather in Brisbane. I didn’t even have any shiny or glassy starburst graphics… until now!

Unfortunately, my content just isn’t very Web 2.0, nor is the site in general. That’s why I was forced to create my very own starbursts that didn’t have any new-fangled technological references.

Old and UnchangedGlassy Seal of Approval

They were created using PS CS2, and a couple of Web 2.0 button Photoshop tutorials.

As an aside, I do believe this is the most categories any one post has ever belonged to.

The Summer in a Nutshell

I think the summer is really really bad for blogging. I got barely any of it done, and I noticed a number of other blogs were pretty slow too. I just don’t have the organization or the motivation to do anything regularly when I’m not in school.

I spent the summer with Steve in Bloomington. On Monday he’ll take his first class towards a PhD in folklore at Indiana University. While I was there, I interned with a vet clinic in a neighboring town, and at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic called WildCare Inc. Steve meanwhile worked with wonderful people doing the terrible job of telemarketing. Please remember that if a telemarketer calls you on behalf of a large company, you consented to being called and gave them the appropriate information to do so. You may not remember it, but it’s illegal for them to call you if you didn’t agree, and they probably have the documentation. File suit if you like, but don’t kill the messenger.

I worked four days a week at the vet clinic, doing just about anything they’d let me. I did a lot of drawing up vaccines and holding animals for blood draws. I picked up a lot of poop. It was really a great experience. I loved the staff, and I learned so much. Anyone who is considering vet school should do at least a little bit of work in a clinic. It doesn’t make any sense not to!

WildCare was an adventure. Almost every day when I left I was exhausted. I worked with a wide variety of naitive Indiana wildlife, including raccoons, oppossums, rabbits, squirrels, deer, and a variety of birds. I was even bitten by a racoon! Luckily it wasn’t rabid. The experience didn’t inspire me to go into wildlife medicine, but it didn’t scare me away either. I think it’s a great organization and I’ll help out again if I have a chance.

Other than working, Steve and i played a lot of Guild Wars. We like it because you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. We also watched Charmed and Naruto in unhealthy quantities (which raises the question of whether there is a healthy quantity of Charmed.) Now that I’m back to school I’ll hopefully be more regular in my updates. No promises though.

Summer is over!

Summer is officially over for me. I start classes at 8a Monday morning.

I spent June and July in Bloomington, IN with my Steven, volunteering at a vet clinic and a wildlife rehabilitation shelter. I have a number of experiences to relate regarding my time there.

I am currently in Blacksburg, VA, attending Virginia Tech. I’ll be here for at least two years.

I really need to update this website.


Summer Plans

The semester, and my time at Cobleskill, is drawing to close. I don’t know if it’s going to, but the whole looking back and reminiscing and missing everyone thing hasn’t hit me yet.

I wasn’t able to find an internship with a vet in my area, and not for lack of trying. I sent résumés all over, called everyone, and the one place that offered any hope filled the spot while I was in the middle of trying to set it up. GAH! I did find a place in Indiana which does wildlife rehabilitation, so I’m going out there. Steven has an apartment there starting in June, so I’ll stay the summer with him, get a part-time job, and get some animal work experience.

I haven’t gotten any letters from colleges yet, so I don’t know what my new school colors will be. Anything would be better than black and orange The only way it could get worse is if I go to Virginia Tech (my top choice) and end up with maroon and orange. I’m not worried, but I am a bit annoyed. I do have preparations to make.