Summer Plans

The semester, and my time at Cobleskill, is drawing to close. I don’t know if it’s going to, but the whole looking back and reminiscing and missing everyone thing hasn’t hit me yet.

I wasn’t able to find an internship with a vet in my area, and not for lack of trying. I sent résumés all over, called everyone, and the one place that offered any hope filled the spot while I was in the middle of trying to set it up. GAH! I did find a place in Indiana which does wildlife rehabilitation, so I’m going out there. Steven has an apartment there starting in June, so I’ll stay the summer with him, get a part-time job, and get some animal work experience.

I haven’t gotten any letters from colleges yet, so I don’t know what my new school colors will be. Anything would be better than black and orange The only way it could get worse is if I go to Virginia Tech (my top choice) and end up with maroon and orange. I’m not worried, but I am a bit annoyed. I do have preparations to make.

New York Aquarium

I find it interesting that in New York City, people have a tendancy of calling things the “New York –” with total disregard for the rest of the state. Granted, nearly half the state’s population does live there, but they do seem blissfully unaware of the other 60% of us up here. That’s not what I came to talk about today. I came to talk about sea animals.

Steve had a floor program on April Fools’ Day to the New York Aquarium. As usual, he had extra spots and I tagged along. We walked around and looked at all the cool fishes (yes, that is the correct word) and sea mammals. The curved tank walls made me dizzy when I looked through. Makes me wonder how the fish feel about the situation.


I took a few pictures, mostly of an otter bathing itself. There was also Oopa, the fat slut walrus. She laid on a rock for the entire time we were there, flashing her cooter at us. A mere adolescent, she weighs in at over 1300 lbs. The only thing that motivated her to get off her rock was food. I don’t mind that she’s fat, that’s what walruses do. The least she could do is close her legs or something.

I <3 Steve

Steve and I just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again (sorry Uncle Bill). Steve was crying at the end, and we promised that even if we ever did break up, we would never erase each other from our memories.

Steve was accepted to and will be attending Indiana University in the fall, pursuing a Ph.D. in folklore. I’m so proud of him. It’s going to be a challenge, being apart so much. These past two years have spoiled us, being together nearly every weekend and over every break. Before that though, we weren’t together very much at all. It’ll be hard, but I’m sure we can do it.

We danced tonight. It was only a little, with no music, but it meant a lot. He has a thing, he doesn’t like to dance with me. It was just so unexpected and sweet. That’s how I know we can make it.

Rescue Mission

If you want the single most gratifying volunteer experience in your life, rescuing dogs from euthanasia by transporting them to a no-kill shelter is probably not what you’re looking for. However, if you have the inclination to do something nice, and you’re not really looking for that warm feeling inside at the end of the day, and you can deal with the smell, and the noise, and the traffic, by all means don’t let me scare you away. It’s an important service.

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Don’t ever have an emergency in Cobleskill. Just don’t do it. Seriously.

On Friday last I had the misfortune to suffer a sponatneous muscle strain in my upper right thigh. By spontaneous, I mean it came right the fuck out of nowhere. I was walking to Prentice with Bubbey and Amby when my leg started feeling stiff. I figured I’d just walk it off, no big deal. Well, when I tried to walk it off there was a little bit of pain. Then there was a lot of pain. Next was me hopping on one foot trying to get to my damn food. No luck, as before I ever reached the stairs I gave up, and decided to go to the Wellness Center. I sent Amber ahead to get me some crutches. That was a mistake.

Amber came back in about 5 minutes with the news that they sent SMRT. Yes, the fact that they misspelled smart is a bad sign. It was decided that I needed to ride in an ambulance to the emergency room. Brilliant. Lights, sirens, oxygen, stretcher, the works. When I got there they wheeled me in, the whole “1, 2, 3, lift” thing you see when they move people from stretcher to bed, and then not too much for a while. I tried to explain what happened to a number of nurses, but none of them had anything useful to offer.

Probably the most useful part of my visit was that I got a couple x-rays done on my hip to make sure there wasn’t bone or joint damage. It was probably one of the more painful parts of the visit too, because I had to bend my hip to angles that are barely comfortable when I’m healthy. Better to have them done than not though.

After my x-rays were done, Bubbey and Amber came in to see me. Apparently they had been waiting there since I arrived. Had I known, I would have had them brought in earlier! We sat around for an hour and made jokes about stiff legs, and fun was had by all. Eventually they had to leave, because apparently someone had to go get Steve, and it wasn’t going to be me.

After some hours of lying in the ER, a doctor finally decides to grace me with his presence. He sat around for half of an explaination, and ran off again. 45 minutes later he returns, tells me that he has no idea why this would happen, and proceeds to tell me to do exactly what I had intended to do initially: use crutches, don’t put weight on the leg, and take ibuprofen regularly. If they had just given Amber a pair of crutches to bring to me, I would’ve saved everyone a lot of trouble.

All weekend long Steve was a total dear to me. I was definitely not as nice to him as I should’ve been. I can say that I was grouchy because of my injury, but that doesn’t fully account for it. He was nothing but helpful to me. I love my Steve so much, he’s so brave and strong. He stood up to face a terribly fire-breathing me and survived. My Steve is the greatest.

Oh, and puppies.

Lizz rocks my socks

I’m in NYC right now, on a mac that belongs to Steve’s lesbian friend Lizz. We just got done having an awesome picnic in Central Park, and now my fingers are really cold. Steve’s peeved at me just now, because I should be doing something useful. Oh well. I felt compelled to post from a mac.

Delaying the Inevitable

365 Gay reports that the NYS Appelate court has refused to hear the same-sex marriage cases until it passes through the lower court system. Apparently they don’t think they can forestall the issue enough on their own. In the end it won’t end up mattering too terribly much, because one side or another will end up appealing the case all the way up. I wonder why they bother.