Weekend News Recap

I’m too lazy to write an actual post, but there are a couple of news items I’d like to point out.

Grape Juice is Great Juice – I’ve been saying this all along! Grape juice is the best juice in the world, but cranberry is a close second. Apple juice is just gross, but cider is good. The article is actually about antioxidants, though. Quoth British researcher Alan Crozier, “Purple grape juice made with Concord grapes contains the highest and broadest range of ployphenols as well as having the highest antioxidant capacity. Other high-ranking produces include cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice drink.”

Ballmer says Google is insane – So is that what he calls his reflection? I’ve always just addressed myself as “self.” I’d say something like “It’ll be smooth sailing from here, Self.” Ballmer, scary-looking CEO of Microsoft and really crazy dude, is all up in arms over Google (again) over their development plans for the new Docs & Spreadsheets product, among other things. That man is going to have a heart attack, mark my words.

The Problem, in A Fundamental Nutshell: ‘Is Your Baby Gay?’ – I tried to think of something for this one, but Southern Baptists just aren’t funny. Mohler, “one of the leading voices of the… Southern Baptist Convention,” asked on his blog what Christians would do if there was testing available to detect imminent homosexuality in fetuses and a hormone patch that could prevent it. It’s sort of an interesting question, after you get past the disgusting bigotry of the way it’s asked.

By the by, the new dog is named Abigail, and she was spayed on Friday. I haven’t gotten any pictures because the light has sucked for the past couple of days.

The Election

I should be really happy with the election results. Elliot Spitzer won for governor of New York. Democrats took a large lead in the House and are one vote up in the Senate (two if you count the Socialist from Vermont). Polls show voters are interested in cleaning up corruption and getting out of Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld resigned.

I should be pretty pleased. I’m not.

CO, SC, SD, TN, VA, and WI (at least) passed amendments to their respective state constitutions to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. I’d like to take this opportunity to note that none of these amendments actually changes the status of gay marriage in those states. None of them have ever allowed gay marriage, and DOMA protects them from having to recognize unions from other states. This is a preemptive attack by conservatives against the possibility of change. You know, Virginia was starting to grow on me. I was beginning to think I might be able to settle down here someday. So much for that idea.

Hey Virginia, you might want to update your slogan.

Rule #34

I have five drafts waiting to be written on, and some of them have been sitting so long that I’ll probably just delete them. I thought now that midterms and such are done that I’d be free to blog, but… eh. I’ve been photographing trees and such because it’s fall and I like the colors.

On an unrelated note, rule 34. I have no idea what most of the first thirty-three rules are. The first two are “Don’t visualize” and “No, really, don’t visualize!.” Rule 34 is NSFW, so you’ll have to click below to read about it.

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I’ve been playing with Googlism for about half an hour now. It uses Google searches to determine information about things. Some of the results are absolutely ridiculous.

“sex is a thirteen letter word”

Let’s see. One, two… thirteen! Awesome! I learned something new about sex today.

National Coming Out Day

It’s 11:10 on 11 October 2006, National Coming Out Day. I felt like I should say something about it.

I’ve been out for a good number of years now. It was Friday 13 December 2002. That’s a long story for another day. I was lucky though. Even though I come from a relatively conservative area in upstate New York, I didn’t get much trouble about it. My family was, for the most part, very accepting. I don’t know how people, especially young people, deal with it when their friends or family reject them for their sexuality. I wish there was something I could do for them. In fact if you’re in that situation, contact me, I want to help if I can.

The most important thing for me about coming out is that it makes people think. It’s one thing to hate “gay people” (or other less tasteful terms) and entirely another to hate a person you’ve known for years. A lot of people that have a problem with homsexuals actually are afraid of the Big Bad HomoMonster™. Come out. Come out as an ally. Be the person that destroys the Big Bad HomoMonster™, even if it’s just for your immediate family and friends.