Things that are real: a mostly comprehensive list.

Today during lab for Anatomy and Physiology, I compiled a list of things that are real. It’s about as close to comprehensive as you can get.

  • rocks
  • dolphins
  • trees
  • rainstorms
  • elephants
  • platypuses (probably) Verified! Thanks Courtney
  • cupboards
  • UPDATE: beachballs

For contrast, here are a few examples of things that are not real. This list is far from comprehensive; it is only meant to give you an idea of what sorts of things are not real.

  • plastic
  • fast food
  • politicians
  • God
  • punk-ass hos
  • American cheese

Killer Tofu

I’m at home for the week, currently chilling in the basement and catching some wireless leeching love courtesy of Frontier DSL. I thought I would be SOL for internet connection, but the modem they use also includes a four-port wireless router. Awesome!

I’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving, as I usually do, with my extended family on my mother’s side. Steve will be joining me in a couple of days. I really love the closeness of our family, I think it has had a big impact on me. I sometimes forget that not everyone has this kind of relationship with their family. I really do feel badly for them, it’s a wonderful thing to have. If you can’t be with your family, give them a ring and say hello. Let them know you care.

Now that I’ve been all sentimental, I’ll give you the haps. Days Inn apparently has free wireless internet for guests, so if you’re ever in a pinch for internet access, you can always park in their lot. I drove ten hours home from Blacksburg, with only a quick stop in Lebanon, PA for gas, Wendy’s and email. Just the essentials, folks.

I’ll be heading home on Saturday, giving me time to situate myself at home before class gets started on Monday. Painters are supposed to be in this week to paint one wall of my room which is suffering from water damage from the apartment above. Because of this, my furniture is all moved away from that wall and I’m entirely disorganized. I was getting sick of looking at the water spot on my wall, though.

I also found an mp3 of Killer Tofu by The Beets. For the uninitiated, The Beets are a fictional cartoon band from the Nickelodeon, and later Disney, show Doug.

Old and Unchanged

It seems that everything is so “Web 2.0″ these days, with all their AJAX thingamabobs that update your information five seconds before you enter it, and custom switching stylesheets based on the weather in Brisbane. I didn’t even have any shiny or glassy starburst graphics… until now!

Unfortunately, my content just isn’t very Web 2.0, nor is the site in general. That’s why I was forced to create my very own starbursts that didn’t have any new-fangled technological references.

Old and UnchangedGlassy Seal of Approval

They were created using PS CS2, and a couple of Web 2.0 button Photoshop tutorials.

As an aside, I do believe this is the most categories any one post has ever belonged to.

Mom called

momz0r called me tonight. We usually try to catch up at least a couple of times a week, depending on how well our schedules mesh. Tonight, she had this to share (and I’m paraphrasing here, I don’t remember her exact words. I’ve captured the spirit of it though, and her general tone.):

If you ever get ice cream from one of those vending machines, and you get an Edy’s strawberry popsicle, be careful. They’re really cold! I got my lips stuck to it! You know on that movie you’ll shoot your eye out where Ralphie gets his tongue stuck to the pole? It was just like that, except it’s a popsicle. I was going to go back into the store to get a cup of water, but I think they would’ve laughed at me.

No, Mom, they would’ve been laughing with you.

I get upset.

There are reasons that I get upset sometimes. For example:

And tomorrow on the Drillfield from 9-5 there will be some awesome festivities!!

  • Shirts for sale!
  • Vagina pops for sale!
  • Wage gap bake sale (.75 for women, 1.00 for men) OH SNAP!
  • Positive v. negative body image displays!

I guess I can’t complain though, I did see it on lj

Vacuuming Leaves

There was a massive effort on Friday to remove all the leaf litter from campus. There were crews with mowers, leaf blowers, and a couple of massive trucks with three foot wide hoses attached. I could see the plumes of leaf dust and fungal spores rising off the vacuum truck.

Why on earth would they do that? I understand the need to remove a portion of the leaf litter, or at least get it broken down. It keeps the grass prettier. Why on earth would they have to put that much dust and allergens in the air in the process? There has got to be a better way.