Where’s Burruss?


There was a dense fog over Blacksburg when I woke up this morning. That’s one of my favorite things about this area. We get some really good fog. Some people don’t appreciate it, but I think fog is very romantic. This is a picture taken from the front of War Memorial Hall, trying to see Burruss Hall across the drillfield. In the full-size version you can sort of make out the tops of busses letting off in front of Burruss.


I also took a picture of a spider web with the morning dew still on it. That’s the only way I can ever capture them, my hand isn’t steady enough and I don’t have a big enough tripod to capture them when they’re dry. Any pointers?

I ride my bike.

Yesterday I missed the bus to go back to campus in the afternoon. I had to drop off a lab report and get to class in twenty minutes. That’s not a terrible proposition. All down hill from here to campus, I thought I’d have time to spare.

Unfortunately, the building where I have lab is down the hill from my class. Ok, I was like two minutes late to class, that’s not too bad. I don’t take that class particularly seriously.

All the BT busses have bike racks on the front, so you can theoretically ride your bike down the hill and take the bus back (or vice versa if you live downhill from campus). I was in no rush to be anywhere though, so I figured I’d just ride home. Bad Idea™. In low gear up the hill, I took nearly half an hour to get home. I thought I was going to die. I am so out of shape.

I woke up this morning and my chest and legs are still sore. I’m still trying to figure out why my chest is sore.

Summer is over!

Summer is officially over for me. I start classes at 8a Monday morning.

I spent June and July in Bloomington, IN with my Steven, volunteering at a vet clinic and a wildlife rehabilitation shelter. I have a number of experiences to relate regarding my time there.

I am currently in Blacksburg, VA, attending Virginia Tech. I’ll be here for at least two years.

I really need to update this website.


I’m Lovin’ It

I’m in Indiana for the summer. To be perfectly honest, if someone told me I was still upstate I’d probably believe them. I look out the back window into some woods, mostly maple with some beech and others. Steve and I hiked up a creek and ended up in someone’s back yard on Tuesday. The weather has been mostly beautiful. The apartment is kinda small, but it’s homey.

The trip here was supposed to take 10 hours if you believe MapQuest, but I figured if we made a decent pace we could cover it in nine. Aparently ever road crew between the Pennsylvania border and Indianapolis heard about our plan and decided to mess it up. Driving through Ohio was mostly spend in construction zones. There would be 10 miles of reduced speed with one lane, and about fifty feet of work going on. It was just like home.


Somewhere in the middle of Ohio we encountered what is probably the classiest McDonald’s in the world. They were playing classical music. There were little vases with fake flowers on every table. There was even a faux fireplace! I was reminded of the movie Demolition Man where every restaurant is Taco Bell. I’m just glad they’re not like that back home. I’m not sure if people would know what to do with themselves.

I started this post on the 7th of June. It is now the 6th of July. Read up. I’ll update again eventually, I promise.

Musings on a Pocket Obsession

I’ve recently joined a cult: The cult of moleskine. Moleskines are sewn-bound notebooks with covers of with oilcloth covered cardboard. The cardboard part doesn’t sound as glamorous, but it makes it much more effective as a cover.


When I say cult, I mean it with the admiration normally reserved for RHPS, not the morbid fascination that goes with Kool-Aid cults. There is a huge internet following. To be perfectly honest, I never understood it until I held one in my hands. That fateful day in Barnes & Noble, I picked up my very first (and certainly not last) Small Ruled Moleskine. I haven’t been able to bring myself to write in it yet. I’m still waiting for the shinyness to wear off. I did come up with an interesting solution to a problem that enthusiasts seem to be having trouble with: labelling. By attaching different colored ribbons, I’ve created an attractive coding system. I think it’s attractive, anyhow.

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My shoe is broken

I am very sad. I happened to notice the other day that there is a hole in the bottom of my shoe. I have worn clear through the rubber, and thin flaps of it hang off. I really do like these shoes, and they are otherwise in great shape. I’ll have to go shoe shopping before too long. I’m so broke though!

I am also sad because I took a picture of my shoe-holes, and now I can’t find my card reader for my camera. Pictures will have to wait.

UPDATE: I found my camera cable, so here is a picture of the offending hole.


Yay for solid-state electronics!

I did laundry on Sunday, as I sometimes do. Usually I empty the pockets of garments as I remove them, so I don’t usually check. When I opened the washer on this particular Sunday, however, my 256MB flash drive was sitting there weeping at me. There was actually moisture coming from the device. I wept too.

I didn’t weep for long, because I have a short attention span. Later I wanted to use a program I had stored on the flash drive. I plugged it in, and to my surprise, it worked! All my files and whatnot are still there. It also smells April Fresh™, which may be even better.