I believe that most situations can be improved by liberal application of fire.

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It snowed.

A note to the sorostitute I was stuck behind on my way to campus this morning:

The big “safe” 4-wheel drive SUV (with all the options) that daddy bought you does not make up for your complete and utter inability to drive or follow traffic laws, whether there is snow on the road or not.

I understand that this is Virginia, and people here are not as accustomed to driving in snow as I am. That doesn’t mean they need to go batshit insane though. There is a phenomenal public transit system in Blacksburg. People who can’t handle themselves in the weather should consider using it.

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Fun things!

I feel like writing something fun, but I’ll post pictures instead. Phone camera is low-res. The first was taken at Kroger a few days ago, the second was the back side of a sign which read “CAUTION: RADIATION IN USE.”

Snuggles BunsYou must be at least this tall