A lot of things have happened since my last post.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with my BSc in Animal and Poultry Sciences. They gave me this neat little (ok, it’s pretty large) piece of paper with fancy letters and a bunch of unnecessary words. I guess I’m pretty excited about that. I should scan it and put a copy online or something, but I don’t have a scanner that large handy.

What with being graduated, I couldn’t keep working at the college. My job was funded by federal work study money, and they don’t give that to graduates. I am currently in the employ of a major retail chain (no, I won’t tell you which one) until I can find something that is at least remotely related to my training. Ideally I’d get a vet tech job and they would help me get more training or maybe get into vet school. For now I’m just worried about paying bills.

There is someone new in my life. I’m not going to say much about that right now. We’ll see where things go before I say too much more. Yes, he’s cute (or at least I think so). No, I’m not going to answer any other questions right now. Perhaps I’ll take the example of a fellow blogger (Hi Scott!) and refer to him here by a nickname.

My cancer is still in remission. There’s not much to say there, I guess. No news is good news. I’ll see my oncologist again in January, unless something else comes up before then.

I’ve moved into my new apartment, where I’ll be living for the next year at least. I’ve moved in with friends of mine, a couple, one of whom cooks and insists that I at least provide notice if I will not be home for dinner. This situation is quite acceptable to me, as it results in my diet being much healthier and less expensive than it might otherwise be.

For now, life is smooth sailing. One day I’ll want more than this, but for now I am content.

Radiation Burn!

So apparently when you launch high-energy radiation at a chunk of flesh, there are side effects. I’m not too worried, but I’m getting it looked at anyhow. You can look too! Also the post directly below this one is new as well, so read both!

I’m excited! You can tell by my excessive use of the exclamation mark!

Ooooh! Burned!

I fail at updates.

I finished my course of radiation. That means that I’m officially considered to be in remission, or whatever. The area is still a little pink, but that should clear up within a couple days. I’m still really sleepy a lot. I’m gonna have to talk to someone about that if it keeps up through the end of the week. It’s way too early in the semester for it to be this hard to go to class, even an 8am.

Speaking of early in the semester, I’m back at Virginia Tech for what will hopefully be my last year. My schedule looks like hell, but at least I’m done by 5:30. I’ll post a copy if I ever get around to making one, or else I won’t.

The beginning of the semester is really expensive, and the fall more so than the spring. It makes me sad. I think I’ll start working again on Monday. I ♥ my campus job.


I haven’t kept up with the status of the cancer thing lately. I didn’t have any new info for a while, and then I got busy dealing with the new information. When it rains, it pours, eh? I’m not sure what I said before, so I’m just gonna go over everything I know right now.

The lymph node removed from my left elbow had primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma. It is a cancer of lymph cells that exist in the skin, not of the skin cells themselves. It’s not the most aggressive of cancers and we did catch it very early, so the prognosis is extremely good. I’ll be doing 4 weeks of radiation therapy to be sure that no cancer cells remain in the area of the biopsy. Beyond that, I’ll be watching it closely and seeing the oncologist in January for a follow-up.

I also have a related condition called lymphomatoid papulosis. The jury is out as to precisely how it works on a cellular level, but it is similar to lymphoma except that it poses little threat to my health. There are only two problems with it. The first is that it causes small lesions on my arms and legs, each of which has a small chance to metastasize into a malignant lymphoma. The second is that while there are treatments, it’s currently incurable. I can only monitor it and take care of any malignancies that develop as a result.

The radiation has been scheduled so that I can go back to school on schedule, though without much time to settle in. My first appointment is this afternoon. Hopefully life can go back to relative normalcy now.

By the twiddling of my thumbs…

Ten points if you can give the playwright, play, act, and scene that the title refers to. Points cannot actually be redeemed for anything.

I promised that I’d do an update by today, and seeing as today is drawing to a close, I figured I should do it! The good news is that my bone marrow sample came back negative. That means that the cancer has not spread into the marrow, which would be exceedingly bad. When I think about how bad things could be, I feel afraid. I feel so lucky to be in in the situation I’m in, all things considered.

The oncologist also mentioned a slim outside chance that the lymphoma diagnosis was a false positive. That would be incredibly relieving, but also terribly frustrating. I’ve lost my whole summer to this. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather they tell me that I don’t have cancer. I’m also glad that we’re going to all the effort of being sure. I just wish the whole thing hadn’t happened at all. I guess that kinda goes without saying

I’m pretty bored a lot of times. If you’re in the Greater Rochester or Finger Lakes regions of New York (and I guess I could go as far as Syracuse) I’m looking for something to do.

SPF: My Back.

I lied to Kristine and told her that I wouldn’t be playing SPF this week. I’m sure she’ll forgive me though, seeing that I’m now playing.

My Back


Wednesday I visited the oncologist and had a marrow sample taken. It is the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. I’m actually looking for a woman who has both given birth and had marrow taken to compare them for me.

I should also note that this is the most unflattering picture of myself that I have ever allowed to be on the internet. To properly show off my bandage, my pants were at the exact level which makes my ass look worst. I may have to show you a better one eventually (if you’re lucky).

I’m seeing an oncologist because three weeks ago today, I had a biopsy done on my left elbow (pictures to follow when I’m on a better connection). 7 June 2007 I recieved a call from my doctor informing me that I have lymphoma. I’m going to do a whole writeup of the past few weeks eventually, but right now I’m at Relay for Life trying to build up some karma for the months to come.

I’m doing just fine, and the prognosis is good.