I have a rather large music collection. Among it, there are songs which will infallibly remind me of a particular time when I was listening to them. For example, Rockin’ the Suburbs always reminds me of playing Chrono Trigger on an SNES emulator on the computer, in the living room, with mom asleep on the couch, going through the first time-travel of the game. The lamp in the corner was on but it’s not very bright, and it gives everything sort of a yellow cast. The peanut butter was sitting on the trunk that mom used as a coffee table (she has a different one now, still a trunk) the front of the label faced toward the dining room. The doors to the dining room were just a couple inches open. They stuck now and again, being rather old pocket doors, and somebody was lazy.

Not all of the songs with memories are that precise, and not all of them correspond exactly with the time that I was listening to them. Kiss from a Rose reminds me of watching Interview with a Vampire and several episodes of Angelic Layer with Jeff on his laptop in a tent at Tracy’s house. If You Could Only See reminds me of a very close friend I had, the first girl I kissed, and the extreme confusion I experienced regarding how I felt about her, how she might have felt about me, and all these sort of awkward teenager things. It’s more than a recollection though. I actually feel that way. For this reason, I don’t listen to that song very often.

The point of relating this experience is to ask a question. Does anyone else experience any of this? For a while I assumed that everyone had it to a greater or lesser degree, but I come to find out that “lesser” is much more common. Do you have any sensory triggers that automatically remind you of certain situations?

2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. YES. If a song randomly plays in a store or at someone’s house, I’ll remember where I first heard it, or something that was tied to it. Like Greenday’s International Superhits I was driving through the mountains in colorado, Elton John reminds me of my first love, Heather. Most recently, Michael Jackson and (lol) Rick Astley make me think of hanging out on your floor doing stupid computer things.