Four weeks in.

It’s way too early in the semester for this to be the fourth week of classes.

I have three exams this week, in horse production, beef production, and microbiology. I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything yet! Don’t they know I’m a senior? I’m old! These things take time to sink in.

I was laid-up for most of last week with what the health center doctor assured me was “not the flu.” I don’t care what it wasn’t, it was a solid week of fever above 100°F. It was probably not helped by being out in barns on Monday and Wednesday for labs. The problem with labs is that you can’t make them up. Unless you are being physically prevented from getting to the appointed location, you go to lab. So I went to my labs, and my bug raged on.

Aside from the week of illness (the first I’ve had since being in college) the semester is going well. I can Gram stain with my eyes closed, estimate slaughter cattle weight within 50 lbs (usually), and point out five reasons why a given horse should never ever have babies. Incidentally, the horses don’t seem to mind so long as you do it in a low soothing voice and rub their chest.

Ok, well, maybe I have learned something.

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