Fun things!

I feel like writing something fun, but I’ll post pictures instead. Phone camera is low-res. The first was taken at Kroger a few days ago, the second was the back side of a sign which read “CAUTION: RADIATION IN USE.”

Snuggles BunsYou must be at least this tall

3 thoughts on “Fun things!

  1. I haven’t checked with your blog in a while and had no idea that you’d been receiving treatment.
    Hope you’re feeling ok and good luck with your classes. Take some time to rest!

    Like the signage. Who ever put that up has a warped sense of humor : P

    I’ll check in more frequently.

  2. Snuggles? As a design/advertising guy, that’s wrong on *so* many levels. And it raises the questions: Are there more “fun rolls” out there that this is both the “original” and the “ultimate” one? Are there social and legal issues in assuming that my hotdog wants to be “snuggled”? Would it be possible to purchase this product without getting a raised eyebrow from the Kroger cashier? And most importantly: Where does the Snuggle bear fit into all this?!