I fail at updates.

I finished my course of radiation. That means that I’m officially considered to be in remission, or whatever. The area is still a little pink, but that should clear up within a couple days. I’m still really sleepy a lot. I’m gonna have to talk to someone about that if it keeps up through the end of the week. It’s way too early in the semester for it to be this hard to go to class, even an 8am.

Speaking of early in the semester, I’m back at Virginia Tech for what will hopefully be my last year. My schedule looks like hell, but at least I’m done by 5:30. I’ll post a copy if I ever get around to making one, or else I won’t.

The beginning of the semester is really expensive, and the fall more so than the spring. It makes me sad. I think I’ll start working again on Monday. I ♥ my campus job.

2 thoughts on “I fail at updates.

  1. I thought about you starting school again. I hope everything is going well. I’m so glad to hear you are officially in remission.