By the twiddling of my thumbs…

Ten points if you can give the playwright, play, act, and scene that the title refers to. Points cannot actually be redeemed for anything.

I promised that I’d do an update by today, and seeing as today is drawing to a close, I figured I should do it! The good news is that my bone marrow sample came back negative. That means that the cancer has not spread into the marrow, which would be exceedingly bad. When I think about how bad things could be, I feel afraid. I feel so lucky to be in in the situation I’m in, all things considered.

The oncologist also mentioned a slim outside chance that the lymphoma diagnosis was a false positive. That would be incredibly relieving, but also terribly frustrating. I’ve lost my whole summer to this. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather they tell me that I don’t have cancer. I’m also glad that we’re going to all the effort of being sure. I just wish the whole thing hadn’t happened at all. I guess that kinda goes without saying

I’m pretty bored a lot of times. If you’re in the Greater Rochester or Finger Lakes regions of New York (and I guess I could go as far as Syracuse) I’m looking for something to do.

3 thoughts on “By the twiddling of my thumbs…

  1. i will keep my fingers crossed… good news sometimes happens! thanks for the update.


  2. Just getting back from a short vacation and catching up with the very few blogs that I track. Awesome news, Dave! Good to hear things are looking up. Keep us posted.