Beyond words

I am honestly at a loss for what to say about the events that unfolded on the Virginia Tech campus this morning. I was walking across the Drillfield towards GBJ when firing broke out in Norris hall. I had heard nothing about the previous shootings in West AJ. While I recognize that the decision to go on with classes was an informed one, I still feel that it was the University’s responsibility to inform the students of potential danger.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that neither I nor anyone I know was involved. I spent the morning trying to touch base with as many people as possible until the phone network here became absolutely saturated. I hope that I was at least able to set up a cascade so that people wouldn’t have to be worried about my safety. That being said, it’s extremely difficult to place my reaction. Obviously I am not as heavily affected as those whose loved ones have been injured or killed. At the same time though, this is very jarring for everyone involved. I don’t think I’ll really know how I feel for a while yet. They don’t tell you how to react to this sort of thing.

UPDATE 17 Apr 2007 11:21p: I have been mostly disgusted by the media coverage of this event. I think that larger and more distant news outlets get things the most wrong, and locals do the best job. CNN’s article is as sensationalizing as the rest, but if you scroll down towards the bottom, Gov. Tim Kaine’s remarks perfectly echo my sentiment. “People who want to take this within 24 hours of the event and make it their political hobby horse to ride, I’ve got nothing but loathing for them.” I don’t deny that there are questions that need to be asked, but there are more important things to deal with right now.

On the other side of the coin, I am deeply touched by the outpouring of support from universities and individual students across the country and abroad. There has been a huge “We are all Hokies” movement, with students wearing maroon and orange to show support. That is probably the best response that I’ve heard about. I’m glad that the younger generation have a grip on what’s important. We’re going to need it going forward.

11 thoughts on “Beyond words

  1. How do you teach or tell someone how to react to something so un-imaginable? Your feelings are understandable. I am so glad you are O.K., and I am so sorry for the loss people in your part of the world are experiencing. You all are kept in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I don’t know you. I hadn’t read your blog (until now) but I saw your comment on R & O. But I wanted to say I’m really glad you’re safe.

  3. Found you through Random and Odd and I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and glad that you’re safe. How very sad…

  4. Dave-

    I am so glad you are okay. I did not make the immediate association of you being there at VT, so I apologize for not contacting you sooner.

    My heart and prayers go out to everyone in the VT community.

  5. I’m glad you are okay. I saw your comment at R & O, and came over this evening thinking ‘just what I need, another blog to bookmark’ but this can be a close-knit community if we want it to be.

    My brother works in Foodservice there at VTech. He’s okay, but my sister and I were frantic about his cell phone being out of service. Apparently everybody else had the same idea–get word to your family–so yeah, the system overloaded.

    Sending good vibes and prayers from the prairie in Central Illinois.

  6. Take care of yourself. Feel free to share with us as you always do. We’re here for you and glad you are OK.

    Hang in there man.

  7. I just wanted to make sure you absolutely possitively know that the snarky/bitchy comment I left over at Scott-O-Rama was not directed at you. I was addressing my comments to David or Dave or D. Jeffrey Zacko-Smith or whatever name he’s using at whatever site he’s posting that ridiculous statement on. I’ve found it on no less than 3 sites so far. Yeah, I remember when I got my first dictionary too! You probably have enough crap to deal with right now and I didn’t want you to think I was bagging on you.
    Hang in there,

  8. By the way, I came to your site on a link at Scott’s site. I like it and I’ll be back.
    You’re damn right! Ben Folds ROCKS! so does dr ruth ;O)

  9. Traveling your way from Random & Odd. Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am thankful you are ok. Please take comfort in knowing that many of us full of sorrow for the VT community and wish we could do something.

  10. Glad you are okay, media was disgusting (I actually posted a rant about the media misbehaviour on my blog).

    To echo everyone else, here if you need us… even way up here in the great frozen north.