Sosua, in a nutshell

20 December

Ed Note: The following is fleshed out from notes I made that day, but didn’t have the energy to fully write.

On the first dive today we saw an octopus! It was probably about a foot across, and mostly crawled along the bottom. The dive master tried to get it to squirt ink at us, but he couldn’t manage it. We also saw a puffer fish, but we couldn’t bother him enough to get him to blow up, either. The wildlife was very abundant on this dive, which is always a blessing.

This evening we saw the first guests to arrive since we did. They were divers, a child free couple from Chicago. They weren’t the kind of people I’d normally hang out with, but they were good for small talk at the end of the day.

We did our first (and last) night dive of the trip tonight. This was Steve’s first night dive, and the first shore dive for both of us. Until this point, I had dove exclusively from boats. Getting in and out was a challenge, but I love doing night dives. We saw three different types of eel, and the coral just comes to life at night. If you can get everyone to turn off their flashlights, you can see tiny organisms bioluminescing when you wave your hand around in the water.

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