Sosua, in a nutshell

19 December

Ed Note: The following is fleshed out from notes I made that day, but didn’t have the energy to fully write.

This was my first time diving in three and a half years. Luckily, the dive shop didn’t make a big deal of it because of the volume of dives I’ve done before. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve done more impressive dives. The dives were good, but not great. Of course we were on the Atlantic Ocean in December, so maybe conditions would improve in another time of year. I was nervous initially, but Northern Coast takes care of all the details. This was new to me, since I’m used to having to carry my own gear and assemble it myself. It was nice though, one less thing to worry about. There was also a dive master leading each dive, so navigation and such wasn’t a concern. In all, they were nice, relaxing dives.

I think I dove rather competently considering the amount of time since I last dove. At least I didn’t get any complaints, and I my air consumption was on par with the other divers. After this though, Steve and I decided that breakfast beforehand was probably a bad idea. Once our small boat left the bay, even small seas were enough to make us a little green in the gills.

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