Sosua, in a nutshell

18 December, 23:19 local

Beeb finished up his checkout dives this afternoon. Tomorrow morning we start diving for real. It’s been about four years since I’ve been in the water. I’ve missed it, but there was really nothing I could do. I haven’t had the time.

The electricity situation here is a little bit strange. The power will just go off at random times and for random intervals. Apparently most places have a generator. The hotel does, but it only gets turned on by request. It doesn’t really bother me though, so long as I get to charge my batteries. There are emergency lights that are solar-charged, good for a few hours if needed, but we found out last night that they don’t last forever. It’s sort of annoying since we need electricity for a hot shower, but at the same time it’s liberating. We’re learning to live without it.

When we woke up from our post-dive nap today there were two huge spiders on the wall near the floor. Steve and I were both creeped out by it, but apparently I was more freaked out than he’d ever seen me. I don’t know what he was complaining about, I was still the one who ended up killing them. I wouldn’t describe myself as arachnophobic, but I’m still not especially keen on wild tropical spiders of dubious venemosity. According to Deann they aren’t poisonous, but I’d just as soon not have spiders in the room at all.

Ed Note: The following is fleshed out from notes I made that day, but didn’t have the energy to fully write.

The variety of restaurants in Sosua was pretty remarkable. There was German, Italian, French, English, American, Cuban, and of course, Dominican. Deeann mentioned that one particular restaurant had cake that was to die for. “I don’t make cakes anymore,” she told us. “I just order a slice and bring it home with me.” I, being a chocolate fiend, absolutely had to try it. Steve had a Cuban sandwich and I got a hamburger. As usual, we shared each other’s meals. Our reaction? “The Cuban was pretty out of this world, but the cake? Oh my god, the cake.”

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