Sosua, in a nutshell


For a week in the middle of December, Steven and I were on vacation in the Dominican Republic in a town called Sosua. We stayed at the Tropix Hotel and dove with Northern Coast Diving. We didn’t really have internet access, so posting regular updates really wasn’t an option. I wrote at the end of the day as if I would be posting that day. Then I got home, visited a lot of people, slept, and eventually forgot that I had written this. Each day is on it’s own page, so read on. You should also take a peek at the pictures.

17 December, 21:26 local

Today was our first full day in the DR. We arrived yesterday in the morning, but after the overnight flight and travel we were pretty exhausted and spent a good chunk of time sleeping. My first impression of the town made me a bit uneasy, and to a certain degree I still am. It’s strange being in a place where you don’t speak the language or know the customs. It’s comparable to being in a strange part of New York City, except there you could always walk to someplace more familiar. Here, come hell or high water, I’m stuck until Sunday.

That said, paying attention and keeping our wits about us (along with a rudimentary understanding of Spanish) has somewhat alleviated the need to feel fearful about our safety. There are unsavory types and those who prey on tourists, but they are the same as anywhere you go. We have also met some neat people, none of Dominican origin though. Deann (the proprietress of our hotel) told us that real Dominicans are really caring and open people, which I believe. Unfortunately, she added, a lot of those in Sosua aren’t real Dominicans.

We’ve had an interesting variety of food over the past day and a half. The first place we ate was French, followed by American, British, Dominican, and American again. The American place was called Rocky’s and has the best ribs I have ever eaten. I picked one up and tried to eat it, and the meat literally feel off the bone. Normally we wouldn’t allow ourselves to eat at the same place more than once while vacationing, especially American fare, but it was that good.

Steve’s first two check-out dives for his SCUBA certification were today. I walked him down to the shop and checked things out. By all accounts diving in Sosua should be done with Northern Coast. The diving staff are from various European countries. I’m surprised to see the number of businesses that are owned by non-Dominicans. I’ll withhold judgment until I dive with them on Tuesday, but Steven appears to be satisfied. They are organized and professional, without being uptight.

While Steve is training I am reading poolside at the hotel. Hopefully by the time I come back I will be less ghostly pale. I certainly won’t have been overly enriched by reading Heinlein, but it keeps me from being bored since I don’t have any internet connection. I am not looking forward to catching up on blogs.

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