Rule #34

I have five drafts waiting to be written on, and some of them have been sitting so long that I’ll probably just delete them. I thought now that midterms and such are done that I’d be free to blog, but… eh. I’ve been photographing trees and such because it’s fall and I like the colors.

On an unrelated note, rule 34. I have no idea what most of the first thirty-three rules are. The first two are “Don’t visualize” and “No, really, don’t visualize!.” Rule 34 is NSFW, so you’ll have to click below to read about it.

Rule 34 states that “If it exists, there is porn of it.” Also known as the “Ow! My childhood!” rule. A Google search for “there is porn of it” points overwhelmingly towards that fact being rule #34. A similar search for rule 34 is not as decisive, but this usage still occurs on the first page of a result. I don’t know if this is tells us about Google, namespaces, or just that I’m really bored.

10 thoughts on “Rule #34

  1. I thought I would test this hypothesis. For this test, I took one of my time-honoured childhood traditions: fighting with my sister. Ow! My childhood! And I was so sure it would be the exception which proves the rule! :(

  2. Don’t know about all the other rules before #34, but Rule Zero is “There is NO cabal.”

  3. Oi, Vince. It’s Rules 1 and 2.

    Also, Rule 41: It needs more Desu. There are NO exceptions.

  4. Oi, anon. Rules 1 and 2 only apply to the /b/. 4chan is free game.

  5. Um, for the record, the only rule that anyone can seem to agree on is Rule 34 itself… and even then people dispute the “NO exceptions” bit. Rules 1 and 2 always seem to be “Do not [x]” and “Do NOT [x]“, respectively, but vary beyond that. The Internet has no real rules. It is broken, beautiful, dangerous, enlightening, horrific, expansive, addictive …