I got back from Thanksgiving at home last night, but that drive really takes it out of you.

So I was home all last week for Thanksgiving. We did the whole dinner thing on Thursday with Mom’s big family. There were two pork shoulders weighing in somewhere around 25 lbs, a deep fried turkey and a traditionally cooked turkey, wet and dry stuffing, pineapple mold, mashed potatoes, sweet potato with marshmallows, carrot casserole, broccoli casserole, and more arroz con gandules (orange rice with green pidgeon peas) than you could shake a stick at. I didn’t really have any turkey. The pork roasts were so phenomenal that to eat any other meat would take away.

I felt reasonably miserable for a good portion of break. I think I’m allergic to my house. My sinuses got all plugged up, then that dripped down the back of my throat and into my lungs. The result was a painful wheezing cough and quite a bit of difficulty falling asleep. I’m still having some of the lung issues. That will take a couple of days to clear.

Holiday traffic was hellish. The vast majority of my ten hour trip is spent on I-81, from Binghamton, NY to Christiansburg, VA. All the way through PA and the brief corners of MD and WV were congested, but there weren’t too many slowdowns. I hit a couple of spots in VA near I-66 and I-64 where traffic was crawling. They cleared up as soon as I passed the exits. Then near Roanoke, for no discernible reason, I was at a dead stop on the interstate for 45 minutes. When that happens at the beginning of a trip, it’s frustrating. When that happens in the eleventh hour of a ten hour trip, one begins inventing new profanities.

I’m home now, though, and my roommate erected a holiday tree, and Sebastian is still adorable, and the water damage in my wall is finally corrected, and I’m going to eat a bowl of cereal and ponder navel lint.

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