Steve came over!


Steve came over this weekend to visit me in Virginia! It made me very happy. I have today off (Yay Columbus Day!) so we decided this would be a good weekend for a visit. This way I can still get my weekend things done today, and not have to worry about them while he is around. He had to leave at 1am so he could get home, take a nap, and go to class this evening, but that was his decision and I love him for it.

Mostly we ate on campus. I am often surprised by the quality of dining services here. On Friday night I had New York strip steak, and Steve had lobster. Lobster. On campus. Have I mentioned that dining services here is pretty much incredible? Now I don’t often have lobster, but according to my roommate it was good lobster.

On Saturday night, I found myself with Steven’s heel pressed against the underside of my chin (we were both lying down) and he said to me “Don’t be subservient!” Oh, well yes sir! Sir, I promise not to be subservient sir! Is that irony enough for you, sir?

Also, he said something funny Saturday night just before we went to sleep, but I can’t recall what it is. I was going to get up and write it down, but he said “Oh, you’ll remember it.” I replied “I’ll remember that I wanted to remember something, but I won’t remember what it is.” I should have put money on it.

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