One of the advantages of buying hosting is that you can host as many websites as you like. I had this idea, I want to start posting the little doodles and things I do in class on a blog. To that end, I introduce Scribbles. These are not high art by any definition of the word. They are simply scribbles in between my notes.

I used a Palm for a while. It was portable, and it made keeping track of ideas a lot easier. Unfortunately, I never quite mastered the input, and eventually it died. After that I started carrying little thread-bound composition notebooks in my pocket. It was amazing! Call me a Luddite, but there is just something so natural about putting pen to paper. Things go exactly where I want them to, I don’t have to do any strange jiggery-pokery to get somewhere to write, and I can draw diagrams and pictures right smack-dab in the middle of writing.

I have purchased a moleskine, but I haven’t brought myself to write in it yet. It’s just too pretty. I may have to soon, though. The notebook I’m working on now is showing its age, and I’m running out of pages to boot.

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