I have a terribly scattered schedule. I have to be on campus for a brief period every morning and for most afternoons, with a big empty space in the middle. Gives me time to blog… er… do homework. Yeah. Homework. My schedule is below.

Fall 2006
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Time
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Time
8:00a   ALS 3204   ALS 3204 PHYS 2215 8:00a
8:30a 8:30a
9:00a ALS 3204   ALS 3204   9:00a
9:30a 9:30a
10:00a AAEC 1006 AAEC 1006 AAEC 1006 10:00a
10:30a 10:30a
11:00a       11:00a
11:30a 11:30a
noon noon
12:30p RUS 2734 RUS 2734 12:30p
1:00p 1:00p
1:30p APSC 1504 1:30p
2:00p PHYS 2205 PHYS 2205 2:00p
2:30p 2:30p
3:00p   3:00p
3:30p     3:30p
4:00p 4:00p
4:30p 4:30p
5:00p 5:00p
5:30p 5:30p
6:00p 6:00p
6:30p 6:30p
7:00p 7:00p
7:30p 7:30p
8:00p 8:00p
8:30p 8:30p

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