National Coming Out Day

It’s 11:10 on 11 October 2006, National Coming Out Day. I felt like I should say something about it.

I’ve been out for a good number of years now. It was Friday 13 December 2002. That’s a long story for another day. I was lucky though. Even though I come from a relatively conservative area in upstate New York, I didn’t get much trouble about it. My family was, for the most part, very accepting. I don’t know how people, especially young people, deal with it when their friends or family reject them for their sexuality. I wish there was something I could do for them. In fact if you’re in that situation, contact me, I want to help if I can.

The most important thing for me about coming out is that it makes people think. It’s one thing to hate “gay people” (or other less tasteful terms) and entirely another to hate a person you’ve known for years. A lot of people that have a problem with homsexuals actually are afraid of the Big Bad HomoMonster™. Come out. Come out as an ally. Be the person that destroys the Big Bad HomoMonster™, even if it’s just for your immediate family and friends.

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