SPF: Muses

As another week draws to a close, I turn once again to Kristine for interesting ideas for things to photograph. This week’s Stuff Portrait Friday is about muses.

Something that that inspires you to do what you do


I dunno if it’s cheating that I took this picture in 2005, but is honestly one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken, and it really gets to the heart of the matter. I am a college student at Virginia Tech. While this is a fantastic experience all by itself, there are days that I question why I’m here. I could be working less and for the same grades in another degree, or at another school. The thing is, I love animals. I want them to be happy. I may not think highly of every individual at every moment, but in general I want to improve their situation.

Something you don’t like to read about in blogs

I’ll get it up here eventually.

I hate reading politics in blogs. This doesn’t just mean governmental politics. I don’t like reading about company or institutional politics, and I certainly don’t like interpersonal politics. Eric Meyer recently wrote a very well thought out and articulated series on reforms he would like to see in the W3C. I think his discussion was very reasonable, and to my (admittedly limited) understanding the ideas he suggests would be helpful. Still, it’s not the type of thing I choose to read most of the time.

Something that inspires you to write on your blog


I like to blog about everyday things that I find amusing. This blog is about my everyday life. I am pretty easily amused (I mean, come on, I blogged about my iron) so almost anything is fair game. This picture is a mailbox I saw in Brooklyn. I try to keep my camera on me and take photos so I can remember amusing things to blog. I saw a girl eating corn-on-the-cob on the bus yesterday, but I completely forgot to mention it because it would’ve been rude to take a picture of her. Yeah, pretty strange, but I was amused.

Did you play? I try to comment back within a day.

4 thoughts on “SPF: Muses

  1. I can see why the first shot is a favorite of yours- lovely!
    Thanks for stopping by my SPF today. I took my shots around my current hometown, Indianapolis.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I especially like your #1, but great SPF in all! It’s so neat that you love animals. I do, too (at least, small ones, mostly feline). ;-)
    I played.

  3. I don’t like politics either. I played. I am getting around late to read all who played so just scroll down on my blog to spf friday if you want to see.