Summer Plans

The semester, and my time at Cobleskill, is drawing to close. I don’t know if it’s going to, but the whole looking back and reminiscing and missing everyone thing hasn’t hit me yet.

I wasn’t able to find an internship with a vet in my area, and not for lack of trying. I sent résumés all over, called everyone, and the one place that offered any hope filled the spot while I was in the middle of trying to set it up. GAH! I did find a place in Indiana which does wildlife rehabilitation, so I’m going out there. Steven has an apartment there starting in June, so I’ll stay the summer with him, get a part-time job, and get some animal work experience.

I haven’t gotten any letters from colleges yet, so I don’t know what my new school colors will be. Anything would be better than black and orange The only way it could get worse is if I go to Virginia Tech (my top choice) and end up with maroon and orange. I’m not worried, but I am a bit annoyed. I do have preparations to make.

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