A Hokie am I

I had a conversation today with a Virginia Tech admissions representative, because I was concerned about the fact that I hadn’t heard from them.

Hi, I’m calling about the status of my transfer application.
It appears your application has been withdrawn.
It says here that we didn’t recieve your FLCC transcript. Wait, it’s right here. Hold on.
… Ten minutes later…
You are being offered admissions for fall 2006 to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

I didn’t really say “w00t”. That would’ve been cool though.

UPDATE (15.May.2006):

I’ve pretty much (through the help of an email conversation) gotten over the whole maroon/orange thing. No, that doesn’t mean I like orange. It just means I’ve come to terms with it.

I love momz0r

My mom is kinda silly sometimes.

So you get to sleep in tomorrow, right?
Nope, I gotta work
What are you going to do?
Same thing we do every night, Pinky: try to take over the world!
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Musings on a Pocket Obsession

I’ve recently joined a cult: The cult of moleskine. Moleskines are sewn-bound notebooks with covers of with oilcloth covered cardboard. The cardboard part doesn’t sound as glamorous, but it makes it much more effective as a cover.


When I say cult, I mean it with the admiration normally reserved for RHPS, not the morbid fascination that goes with Kool-Aid cults. There is a huge internet following. To be perfectly honest, I never understood it until I held one in my hands. That fateful day in Barnes & Noble, I picked up my very first (and certainly not last) Small Ruled Moleskine. I haven’t been able to bring myself to write in it yet. I’m still waiting for the shinyness to wear off. I did come up with an interesting solution to a problem that enthusiasts seem to be having trouble with: labelling. By attaching different colored ribbons, I’ve created an attractive coding system. I think it’s attractive, anyhow.

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Summer Plans

The semester, and my time at Cobleskill, is drawing to close. I don’t know if it’s going to, but the whole looking back and reminiscing and missing everyone thing hasn’t hit me yet.

I wasn’t able to find an internship with a vet in my area, and not for lack of trying. I sent résumés all over, called everyone, and the one place that offered any hope filled the spot while I was in the middle of trying to set it up. GAH! I did find a place in Indiana which does wildlife rehabilitation, so I’m going out there. Steven has an apartment there starting in June, so I’ll stay the summer with him, get a part-time job, and get some animal work experience.

I haven’t gotten any letters from colleges yet, so I don’t know what my new school colors will be. Anything would be better than black and orange The only way it could get worse is if I go to Virginia Tech (my top choice) and end up with maroon and orange. I’m not worried, but I am a bit annoyed. I do have preparations to make.