New Thingy

I was curious, so I went ahead and looked up how to cook up a sideblog in WP. The task didn’t prove too terribly difficult once I stopped looking for people who’ve done it and just did it. I managed it in hours so late in the morning that they can no longer be called wee, so it couldn’t be that hard. It’ll probably change here one of these days, but I gotta feel it out a bit.

Now all these little link posts with no new content can live over in the sidebar. It may turn into a pure linklog, with no actual commentary at all. We’ll see how I feel. I like the idea of taking empty posts out of the regular flow though.

I’ve also installed a plugin that I wrote myself, modified from someone else’s XML parsing function. That’s the WhatPulse thing living in the sidebar. I’ll make it available once I clean it up, and the WhatPulse admin said he’d put it on their downloads page too. That’d be neat.

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