Sometimes I reveal really random information about myself in memes. I don’t think it’s a great idea to put them in the blog chronology, so here they shall live.

I miss my childhood

I was a simple boy, and I enjoyed simple things. When do people stop being so easy to please? These are a few of my favorite things from childhood

  • Putting milk in the Hershey’s bottle to get the last of the syrup out and drinking it straight from the bottle
  • Dancing on Mom’s feet
  • Eating Dad’s chili just to prove I could handle it
  • Building forts on the couch with blankets and pillows
  • Marbles
  • Jumping in leaves
  • Riding in the cart behind the mower
  • “Camping” in the living room
  • Stepping barefoot onto the porch after the first good snow
  • Dipping buttered toast in hot cocoa
  • Fluffernutters
  • Bubble baths
  • Building dams in the creek

If I were…

  • …a month I would be: November
  • …a day of the week I would be: Tuesday
  • …a time of day I would be: 4 am
  • …a planet I would be: Pluto. Screw you, science.
  • …a sea animal I would be: a spotted dolphin
  • …a direction I would be: up
  • …a piece of furniture I would be: a butterfly chair
  • …a historical figure I would be: dead
  • …a liquid I would be: wet
  • …a stone, I would be: heavy
  • …a tree, I would be: photosynthetic
  • …a bird, I would be: a penguin. they’re snazzy dressers.
  • …a tool, I would be: a torx driver
  • …a flower/plant, I would be: a climbing ivy
  • …a kind of weather, I would be: fat rain. the kind that knocks out pigeons.
  • …a musical instrument, I would be: an acoustic guitar
  • …an animal, I would be: a horse (surprise!)
  • …a color, I would be: slate blue
  • …an emotion, I would be: contemplative
  • …a vegetable, I would be: cucumber
  • …a sound, I would be: silence
  • …an element, I would be: carbon
  • …a car, I would be: a Volvo
  • …a song, I would be: obscure, musically complicated, with a cult following
  • …a food, I would be: chocolate
  • …a place, I would be: coastal cliffs
  • …a material, I would be: leather
  • …a taste, I would be: mint
  • …a scent, I would be: horse sweat
  • …a religion, I would be: Invisible Pink Unicornism (bbhhh)
  • …a word, I would be: paradox
  • …an object, I would be: a lava lamp!
  • …a body part I would be: eyes
  • …a facial expression I would be: confusion
  • …a subject in school I would be: chemistry
  • …a cartoon character I would be: Dilbert
  • …a number I would be: φ

A bunch of random stuff

  • 5’10″ (178 cm), 145-ish lbs (66 kg), dark brown hair, brown eyes
  • Famous 1 September births
    • 1939 – Lily Tomlin, American actress, comedienne
    • 1946 – Barry Gibb, English singer (Bee Gees)
    • 1950 – Dr. Phil, American television talk show host
    • 1957 – Gloria Estefan, Cuban singer
    • 1974 – Jhonen Vasquez, comic book artist

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