Hundreds of things about me

After writing the first 100 things about me, I found that I really kinda liked it. I could keep doing this for ages. Here are a bunch of things about me, 100 at a time.

  1. My guitar is named Sadie
  2. I’m 5’9″, but I always wanted to break 6′
  3. I have been in one fist fight
  4. I have never been arrested
  5. I like to climb trees
  6. I swear
  7. I often find myself giving advice when I’d rather be sleeping
  8. I’m quite content to keep my personality disorders, thankyouverymuch.
  9. I make sure to do my procrastinating early
  10. I ♥ Katamari
  11. I have used a rotary telephone for more than historical purposes.
  12. I prefer real Christmas trees over artificial ones.
  13. I don’t particularly like Christmas.
  14. Dallas, TX is the farthest west I have been.
  15. The Dominican Republic is the farthest south I’ve been.
  16. I am a mammal
  17. I wish I spoke more languages
  18. I play chess, but not with any skill
  19. I’m addicted to Wikipedia (and I’ve taken the test to prove it!)
  20. I’m right handed.
  21. I’ll subconsciously perform incredibly intricate rhythms with my feet when I’m falling asleep.
  22. I carry a notebook in my pocket.
  23. I’ve always been very introverted.
  24. I think a busy street in New York City is more private than a room with two friends.
  25. In writing, I always say New York City to refer to the city, and New York to refer to the state.
  26. I can clamshell my tongue.
  27. I like the names Chloë, Zoë, and other names involving the letter ë.
  28. My door is a door, not a jar.
  29. I accept the theory of evolution.
  30. I’m concerned about peak oil.
  31. I watch the Super Bowl for the ads.
  32. I’m inconsistent. Sometimes I use a period and sometimes I don’t
  33. I’m extremely tactile
  34. I can neglect my website for weeks at a time
  35. I give awesome back massages and back cracks
  36. I think freckles are hot.
  37. I have two younger brothers and a younger sister
  38. I enjoy flying, but I don’t get an opportunity to do it often.
  39. Going into a bookstore without a specific item in mind usually ends with me spending more money than I should.
  40. I prefer to live near large bodies of water.
  41. I love deep red roses.
  42. If nobody is in the car with me, I need the music on.
  43. I like diamonds.
  44. I’d rather own a man-made diamond than a geology-made diamond.
  45. I never owned a treasure troll.
  46. I have my dad’s nose
  47. I don’t get my hair cut often enough.
  48. I sat on a jury once, but I was excused before deliberations.
  49. Just once, I would like to beat the hell out of someone.
  50. I like to look at clouds.
  51. I find the side-effects to SSRIs to be worse than the symptoms they treat.
  52. I knew what I wanted when I was younger. I’ve forgotten.
  53. I zone out sometimes, and I do not appreciate being snapped out of it.
  54. My high school was surrounded by cornfields.
  55. One exclamation point is enough.
  56. I honestly don’t care if it’s my birthday.
  57. I love the sensation of clogged sinuses clearing. It is more satisfying than a sneeze.
  58. My first summer job was taking hay from wagons and stacking it in barns. I had just finished my freshman year in college.
  59. My taste in fiction is very character-driven. If I don’t care about the characters, I don’t care for the book.
  60. I prefer fiction to non-fiction. It’s more likely to make sense.
  61. I love twilight. That’s lowercase, as in dawn and dusk.
  62. I have slept with various stuffed animals throughout my childhood and adulthood.
  63. I am utterly amazed that you have read this far. You voyeur you!
  64. I’m messy but not dirty.
  65. I have to change my socks if they’re damp or wet. I have been late to class to do so.
  66. I can count in binary on my hands.
  67. I feel that giving children deliberately misspelled names is both annoying and cruel.
  68. Ditto for names involving a contraction of nature-y nouns.
  69. I believe that I was angstier than average as a youth.
  70. There are many who would still describe me as a youth.
  71. There are those who would say I’m still angsty.
  72. I think it’s fair to say that I had a harder-than-average childhood.
  73. I wore braces throughout middle school.
  74. I wish I could stay in school forever.
  75. I’m a member of the GMT +1 fan club.
  76. I was always taught that Pluto was a planet.
  77. I know which side of the road to ride on my bike (hint: it’s the same as when you’re driving a car)
  78. I get clean with soap
  79. I don’t care how much you drank last night.
  80. I think popped collars look dumb.
  81. I have a hard time finding pants that fit properly.
  82. I hope to live forever
  83. If I do die, I want it to be flashy, and quick.
  84. I read some webcomics
  85. I have to describe the location of my hometown in terms of at least three surrounding towns.
  86. My hometown hasn’t had a gas station for many years.
  87. I was, at one point, a Boy Scout
  88. The Boy Scouts and I don’t get on very well anymore.
  89. I like driving in snow.
  90. I don’t mind the smell of freshly spread manure.
  91. I hate street lights in rural areas
  92. I’m a boxer-briefs man
  93. I don’t believe in pennies
  94. I love office supplies.
  95. I feel naked if I don’t have my wallet, pen, pencil, keys, notebook and cell phone in my pockets.
  96. I grew up in New York (state) and I still consider it my home.
  97. You may ask me a question on two conditions: You must never ask permission to ask again, and you must accept it if I refuse to answer
  98. I’d like to travel more than I do
  99. A is for Adam (in the case of my middle initial)
  100. I love the term “navel gazing.”

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