Hundreds of things about me

After writing the first 100 things about me, I found that I really kinda liked it. I could keep doing this for ages. Here are a bunch of things about me, 100 at a time.

  1. I don’t smoke.
  2. I don’t use illicit drugs.
  3. I consume alcohol infrequently.
  4. Mostly I just get silly and fall asleep.
  5. I don’t have any piercings
  6. I’d consider getting pierced
  7. I don’t have any tattoos
  8. I’d get a tattoo if I knew what I wanted
  9. I hate needles.
  10. I used to give blood.
  11. My blood type is A+
  12. I usually get along better with women than men
  13. I was at one point engaged
  14. I’ve had sex with a woman.
  15. I have had sex with a man.
  16. There are naked pictures of me.
  17. I sleep naked when the weather allows.
  18. I have really sensitive nipples.
  19. I enjoy sex.
  20. I’ve only watched people having sex twice that I wasn’t involved in.
  21. I do not believe that abstinence-only sex education can possibly lead to a healthy or safe society.
  22. I love strongly and deeply.
  23. Only one person has ever broken my heart. The rest of the times I’ve broken it myself.
  24. I came out in my junior year of high school.
  25. I like hugs
  26. I can undo a bra with one hand.
  27. My first kiss was with a girl.
  28. Kisses mean a lot of different things.
  29. I am the eldest of four children.
  30. My mom and I have birthdays on opposite ends of September.
  31. My mom has had the biggest impact of any single person in my life
  32. I was not named after my father, even though we share the same name
  33. My dad died when I was a freshman in high school
  34. I love other people’s children, if only because I can return them when I’m done even when I’m stuck with them.
  35. My mom is a nurse.
  36. My dad is a worm feeder.
  37. I have a morbid sense of humor.
  38. My dad was an upholsterer before he died.
  39. I could be happy as a stay-at-home dad.
  40. I’m special. Mom tells me so.
  41. I was late to start talking, to the point that my mom almost took me to the doctor for it.
  42. My first sentence was “Iz did it.” “Iz” is my sister, Elizabeth.
  43. I own a guitar.
  44. I can’t play very well.
  45. I can’t imagine living without music.
  46. I sang tenor in high school.
  47. I haven’t sung with a group since I started college.
  48. I’m surprised how often the phrase “I like all types of music” is followed by “except rap or country.”
  49. I don’t mind rap or country, but they’re not what I’d choose to listen to most times.
  50. I can rarely tolerate hearing the same song twice in a row.
  51. A good musical can have me crying for days
  52. Snuffy is the best character Sesame Street has ever had.
  53. I know Mr. Snuffleupagus is real.
  54. Eureka’s Castle had a profound effect on my childhood life
  55. I think that television has gone to hell in the past decade and change
  56. I remember when it was worthwhile to wake up for Saturday morning cartoons
  57. I loved Care Bears and Gummi Bears
  58. I secretly loved My Little Pony
  59. I still get misty when Mufasa dies in The Lion King.
  60. I barely watch any television anymore
  61. I dance my cares away down in Fraggle Rock.
  62. I’ve always wanted to play Harvey from the play by the same name.
  63. I don’t like showing my negative emotions
  64. I hate showing weakness
  65. I would rather help you than do for myself
  66. I forgive others easily
  67. I have a terrible time forgiving myself
  68. I can do three-dimensional spatial rotations in my head.
  69. Sometimes I say things just to see what response I’ll get
  70. Sometimes I don’t say what I want because I’m afraid of the response
  71. I don’t like honey.
  72. I’ve been stung by bees.
  73. I’ve been stung by coral
  74. I’m amazed that people can graduate from high school without being able to write a complete sentence.
  75. I subconsciously judge people who use poor gramma.r
  76. I think it’s disgusting that some college students don’t know how to punctuate a three letter word in its intended manner.
  77. I split infinitives if it hurts readability to not do so.
  78. I switch between the American -ize and the European -ise pretty randomly
  79. I hate being criticised for being American; I didn’t choose where I was born
  80. My native language is English.
  81. I think words that end in x should have the plural form -xen (oxen, boxen, axen, faxen, etc).
  82. I think the plural of moose should be meese, and a male moose should be a mander.
  83. I’m geekier than a lot of people think
  84. I’m not as geeky as I’d like to be
  85. I think I would look good in glasses
  86. I built the computer that I use regularly
  87. I used to drive a yellow ’86 Volvo station wagon
  88. The wreckage the Titanic was found on the day I was born
  89. Aside from Dave, I’ve never really had a nickname
  90. I have always considered the same house to be “home,” even though my family no longer lives in it.
  91. I like to wear jeans all summer.
  92. I’d like to teach a bit before I die
  93. I have the best friends ever
  94. I’m a pale Puerto Rican
  95. I played euchre avidly, but it’s hard to find people to play with anymore.
  96. I separate my whites from my colors in the wash
  97. I’m a certified SCUBA diver
  98. The only bone I’ve ever broken was in my left thumb when I was in fourth grade.
  99. I’ve already chosen names for my first 13 sons and 9 daughters.
  100. I don’t update this list often enough (Last Update: 29.Apr.2010)

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