Hundreds of things about me

After writing the first 100 things about me, I found that I really kinda liked it. I could keep doing this for ages. Here are a bunch of things about me, 100 at a time.

  1. My entire personality can be summed up by a series of short sentences.
  2. Sometimes I blog naked.
  3. My IP address is dynamically assigned, so I can never be quite sure what it is.
  4. My desktop computer runs Fedora.
  5. My laptop runs Windows Server 2008 R2.
  6. I’m a hardware geek, and I’m as picky about what parts go into my box as I can afford to be.
  7. I like to think of myself as pretty handy with (x)html and css.
  8. I spend too many hours a day at the computer.
  9. 3`/3 4/\/\ 4 /\/471\/3 5p34k3.- 0|= 1337.
  10. I used Napster back when it was free.
  11. People who are still using the <blink> element (or the CSS property, text-decoration: blink;) need to be beaten soundly with their own bad taste.
  12. I used to hand-write the code for my website.
  13. I’ve started leaving the programming to far more skilled programmers than I.
  14. I advocate naps.
  15. Most of my notebooks have a drool spot somewhere from sleeping.
  16. I don’t have insomnia.
  17. I have the very bad habit of not going to bed sometimes.
  18. I always sleep with at least a sheet over me. I think it’s a security thing.
  19. I prefer to sleep on my side.
  20. I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel.
  21. I hate getting out of bed.
  22. I’m not particularly fond (or un-fond) of my bed.
  23. I am particularly fond of sleep.
  24. I’m a Virgo.
  25. People have said I’m the very definition of a Virgo.
  26. I’m an ox.
  27. I don’t believe in astrology in any form.
  28. I worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bbhhh).
  29. I don’t really worship the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bbhhh).
  30. I was baptized Baptist at age 13.
  31. I’d like to consider myself a freethinker
  32. I am a weak agnostic atheist, which is in best keeping with my understanding of the world and of reason.
  33. I am open to being proven wrong about my religious beliefs.
  34. I meditate.
  35. I’m fascinated by Christianity in a folkloric sense.
  36. If (G/g)od exists, either he has the sense of humor to spend eternity with me, or I don’t care to spend it with him.
  37. 37 is my lucky number.
  38. I live for rocky road, cookie dough, cookies ‘n’ cream, and cake batter ice cream.
  39. I’m fueled by Mountain Dew I got over my Mt Dew addiction, and now I only drink it occasionally. I’m basically addicted to Mt Dew.
  40. I drink a lot of milk.
  41. I eat vegetables because I hate plants.
  42. I eat ice cream because it’s yummy.
  43. I eat animals because they’re made of meat.
  44. I’d try horse if I were given the opportunity.
  45. Meat comes from animals, which were once alive, warm, probably fuzzy, and possibly cute. This does not bother me in the least.
  46. I love potato bread.
  47. French onion soup is phenomenal.
  48. I refer to soft drinks as soda, not pop.
  49. I try to never order the same dish as someone I’m eating with, so we can pick off each other’s plates.
  50. I don’t mind sharing my meal, but I need to have the first and last bites. It spoils my enjoyment of the meal if I don’t.
  51. I don’t drink very much water.
  52. I like my cheddar sharp enough to cut you, which is rather difficult to find in many parts of the nation.
  53. I am proficient in the use of chopsticks.
  54. Black licorice is disgusting.
  55. Grilled cheese sandwiches require tomato soup.
  56. Tomato Soup requires grilled cheese sandwiches.
  57. I hate coffee, but I love the smell.
  58. I like wheat toast and white bread.
  59. I like my eggs over-easy
  60. When I drink tea, it’s Darjeeling with lots of milk and sugar.
  61. Thin Mints are the only sane way to enjoy mint and chocolate together.
  62. I like artificial strawberry, but not real strawberries.
  63. I sometimes forget to eat.
  64. I’m not anorexic
  65. I’ve never had invasive surgery.
  66. I had my wisdom teeth removed
  67. I retain my tonsils and appendix.
  68. I want to have my tonsils removed.
  69. This space has been intentionally left blank. No, it’s not about sex.
  70. Politically, I’m probably best described as liberal.
  71. I have a libertarian streak as well.
  72. I think George W. Bush is the worst president in history.
  73. If a woman can hit me, I can hit her. Equal rights, bitch.
  74. I do believe that men and women should be socially equal.
  75. I do not believe that an individual man and an individual woman should share every task equally. They should each do what they have the comparative advantage in.
  76. I’ve never owned a dog.
  77. I like it when animals sleep with me
  78. I’ll let a dog I know kiss me on the lips.
  79. I’ve got 25 (and counting) assorted horse figures, stuffed animals, etc., on my bookshelf
  80. I’ve ridden a horse 4 times in my life
  81. I hope to be a veterinarian
  82. I know I will be a good veterinarian. I just have to get there.
  83. I want to understand the deep questions of life from the scientific point of view.
  84. I don’t believe that any biological structure is irreducibly complex.
  85. I want to learn more about virii, single-celled organisms, and other things that are near the border between life and complex chemical reactions.
  86. I want to research consciousness and cognition in animals
  87. I started kindergarten late.
  88. I’ve always tested as INTP, though I’ve never been professionally analyzed
  89. My IQ has been estimated in the range of 120-130, but has never been professionally analyzed
  90. I’ve been told that I would do well studying chemistry, physics, programming, engineering, literature, psychology, and foreign languages.
  91. I don’t think that talking about people, things, or ideas is an ample gauge of a person’s intelligence, but it does reveal something about how they think.
  92. I got a 1380 on my SAT. A fat lot of good that did me.
  93. I hate that periods go inside of quotation marks, despite the fact that the sentence is what’s ending.
  94. I attract interesting people.
  95. I bring out the interesting parts of seemingly normal people.
  96. Boring people don’t tolerate me well.
  97. I hate ketchup.
  98. I hate catsup too, smart ass.
  99. I am more than the sum of a series of short sentences describing me.
  100. There’s more.

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