One Year Later

I am remarkably good at neglecting this website, but I think I’m going to start updating it again. I’m going to start with a recap/autobio, since it’s been a year.

I’m living in the suburbs in northern Virginia, on the very outskirts of what you might call the metro region. I’m living with my girlfriend Amy and our dog Sebastian (who you may remember), among others. I’m a dog babysitter during the day, and an international man of mystery at night. There is little reason to complain or celebrate. By and large I am content.

I contribute trivially and irregularly to clusterflock, so if you want to read things that’ve been on my mind for the past year you might check there. I’m also on twitter, I’ll put that on here somewhere eventually.

Going home

I’m moving back upstate next month. I’m just having a tough time finding a job related to animal science in Blacksburg, and with the rent hikes on next year’s lease I just can’t afford to stay here. I’m hoping that my tax refund will hold me over until I can get something substantial.

I need to go back to school.


I believe that most situations can be improved by liberal application of fire.

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Virgin Birth?


So there’s this woman, last name of Palin. She wants to be vice president under a Mr. McCain. This woman has stated that she favors abstinence only sex education. I may have mentioned before now that I think abstinence only sex education is not only ineffective, it’s wasteful and harmful. In any case, Palin’s daughter is gonna have a baby. I say “gonna have a baby” and not “pregnant” because she fully intends to keep the child. I suppose that having a mother who is the governor of Alaska is as good a support structure as you can hope for, as far as teen pregnancies go.


A lot of things have happened since my last post.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with my BSc in Animal and Poultry Sciences. They gave me this neat little (ok, it’s pretty large) piece of paper with fancy letters and a bunch of unnecessary words. I guess I’m pretty excited about that. I should scan it and put a copy online or something, but I don’t have a scanner that large handy.

What with being graduated, I couldn’t keep working at the college. My job was funded by federal work study money, and they don’t give that to graduates. I am currently in the employ of a major retail chain (no, I won’t tell you which one) until I can find something that is at least remotely related to my training. Ideally I’d get a vet tech job and they would help me get more training or maybe get into vet school. For now I’m just worried about paying bills.

There is someone new in my life. I’m not going to say much about that right now. We’ll see where things go before I say too much more. Yes, he’s cute (or at least I think so). No, I’m not going to answer any other questions right now. Perhaps I’ll take the example of a fellow blogger (Hi Scott!) and refer to him here by a nickname.

My cancer is still in remission. There’s not much to say there, I guess. No news is good news. I’ll see my oncologist again in January, unless something else comes up before then.

I’ve moved into my new apartment, where I’ll be living for the next year at least. I’ve moved in with friends of mine, a couple, one of whom cooks and insists that I at least provide notice if I will not be home for dinner. This situation is quite acceptable to me, as it results in my diet being much healthier and less expensive than it might otherwise be.

For now, life is smooth sailing. One day I’ll want more than this, but for now I am content.

SPF: Hero

The topic of Stuff Portrait Friday this week is “Hero.” Anyone who has known me long enough should know how I’ll respond to this one.

My biggest hero is my mom. She has made it through so much in her life, not least of all raising me. I… words fail me.

And she can still laugh like that.


I have a rather large music collection. Among it, there are songs which will infallibly remind me of a particular time when I was listening to them. For example, Rockin’ the Suburbs always reminds me of playing Chrono Trigger on an SNES emulator on the computer, in the living room, with mom asleep on the couch, going through the first time-travel of the game. The lamp in the corner was on but it’s not very bright, and it gives everything sort of a yellow cast. The peanut butter was sitting on the trunk that mom used as a coffee table (she has a different one now, still a trunk) the front of the label faced toward the dining room. The doors to the dining room were just a couple inches open. They stuck now and again, being rather old pocket doors, and somebody was lazy.

Not all of the songs with memories are that precise, and not all of them correspond exactly with the time that I was listening to them. Kiss from a Rose reminds me of watching Interview with a Vampire and several episodes of Angelic Layer with Jeff on his laptop in a tent at Tracy’s house. If You Could Only See reminds me of a very close friend I had, the first girl I kissed, and the extreme confusion I experienced regarding how I felt about her, how she might have felt about me, and all these sort of awkward teenager things. It’s more than a recollection though. I actually feel that way. For this reason, I don’t listen to that song very often.

The point of relating this experience is to ask a question. Does anyone else experience any of this? For a while I assumed that everyone had it to a greater or lesser degree, but I come to find out that “lesser” is much more common. Do you have any sensory triggers that automatically remind you of certain situations?

SPF: A Favorite

It’s been quite a while since I posted. Papers will do that to you. Kristine has started doing Stuff Portrait Friday again, which is pretty exciting. I’m late, as usual, but I can’t let that stop me from participating in the first SPF of the new season, so to speak.

This week’s assignment is “Your Favorite Picture.” Unfortunately, I’ve already used my favorite photo for at least one other SPF. I was sorting through my photos today, though, so I found one I really liked from my trip to the Dominican Republic in the winter of 2006. This dog seemed pretty much domesticated, and as near as we could tell he was just playing in the waves. Maybe he was honestly surprised by the water, but he seemed too comfortable with the beach for that to be true.